What happens if you sneeze after rhinoplasty?

What Happens If You Sneeze After Rhinoplasty?

Sneezing with your mouth open after rhinoplasty is fine for the first week, but you need to avoid sneezing too often for several weeks. Sneezing places an immense amount of pressure on the surgically resected nose. It also increases facial bruising and swelling. Additionally, sneezing may hurt the newly resected nose, which could worsen the situation.

Plastic surgeons recommend

While many plastic surgeons recommend not sneezing after rhinoplasty, the discomfort it causes is temporary and not likely to interfere with your recovery. To prevent blood from seeping into your nasal area, open your mouth and sneeze. However, sneezing through your mouth may lead to a small amount of blood seepage.

Rhinoplasty common questions

One of the most common questions about after rhinoplasty is: how can I sneeze after the procedure? In general, you should avoid sneezing for the first week following the surgery. This is because the force of the sneeze can disrupt the work of the facial plastic surgeon. It also can cause swelling and bleeding. Fortunately, after the first week, sneezing will be allowed to return to normal.

Another important question is, how do you sneeze after rinoplasty? The answer is simple: you shouldn’t sneeze after rhinoscopy. You must rest for a few days to allow your surgery to heal completely. Once you have recovered from your rhinoplasty, you should avoid sneezing for the first few days. You can also avoid sneezing for two weeks.

You should also avoid pulling shirts over your head after rhinoplasty. This will result in the nose healing process to be slow. Furthermore, you should avoid blowing your nose after rhinoplasty. This will cause an accidental bump and lead to a blood clot. If you must sneeze after rhinoscopy surgery, you should avoid it for a week.

After rhinoplasty

You may feel a little tenderness in your face. You can expect a pinkish-red discharge for a few days. If the bleeding is severe, call your doctor immediately. A few weeks after rhinoplasty, you can resume normal activity. You should also avoid sexual activity for the first few weeks. This will help you heal faster and avoid possible complications.

After rhinoplasty, you should follow the postoperative instructions given by your surgeon. You should be in recovery for at least 3 weeks. Your surgeon will tell you not to use alcohol after rhinoplasty. It thins blood and may cause excessive bleeding. Smoking also interferes with certain types of medication. Your doctor will provide you with a list of recommended medications and explain how to use them after the procedure.

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