Rhinoplasty Surgery in Bellevue WA

Most of the time, when you hear the words “rhinoplasty surgery in Bellevue WA“, you are talking about a surgical procedure which reshapes the nose. However, it can also be used to repair a broken nose, or even a crooked one.

Cosmetic surgery has existed for years, but as with anything in medicine, this was just a “step forward”. People were now able to have their nose done at home, without going to a doctor. It was an instant cure for people who had minor accidents and who had been embarrassed.

The problem was that there was no place to do cosmetic surgery at that time, so people started to look for alternative procedures. With the advancement in medical technology, cosmetic surgeons were now able to perform many more procedures.

The first procedure which people began performing for cosmetic reasons is the replacement of a nasal sinus. A damaged nasal sinus will cause a person to cough and produce mucus. This will make the person feel quite sick. A nasal sinus replacement will help the patient feel better.

Other procedures are performed by cosmetic surgeons. They can correct a nose that is too long or too short, a crooked nose, or a snub nose. These types of nose modifications are known as rhinoplasty surgery.

An experienced plastic surgeon will take a look at the person’s whole face and work out what is wrong with it. If it is not an obvious problem, the plastic surgeon may choose to replace the part of the nose where the problem lies.

In order to fix the nasal cavity, the plastic surgeon will reshape the nose. Often times, these surgeries are only performed on people who have very small problems.

However, if the problem is rather large, then the person will need to have both the nose and the nasal cavity corrected. This is where the plastic surgeon uses a combination of surgical techniques to do the job. Sometimes they use laser surgery, and sometimes they will use lasers and plastic surgery in combination.

When a person has a new nose made, then the nose is sewn in place using stitches. When this procedure is completed, the person will not need to use the nasal passageway at all.

In this procedure, the nose is completely replaced and the stitches are removed once the nose is in place. The next step involves cutting the skin where the nose should be sewn in.

Once the skin is cut, the new nose is sewn on with the skin being sewn back together. After this procedure, stitches are used to seal the new nose in place. If the surgery is being done in a small area, then these stitches are used for the remainder of the nose.

If rhinoplasty surgery is being done in a larger area, then these stitches may be removed, and the patient will be left with a new nose, which is attached to the area where the original was. The sown area will also be stitched on to the skin after surgery.

Once the skin is closed up, the patient will then be able to have a Bellevue plastic surgeon remove the stitches and then get on with his or her life. The nose can be covered with a bandage which is applied to the nose to cover it.

No one wants to live with an unsightly nose, but the advantages of rhinoplasty surgery make it very appealing. If you think your nose might be too long, too crooked, or too short, or a bit crooked you can go ahead and get rhinoplasty surgery in Blenheim.

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