Facial Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers: Part 3

Question: What rhinoplasty procedures would I need to achieve this result? 
Answer: A closed rhinoplasty approach can accomplish your goals with all incisions placed on the inside of the nose. No external incisions are required. The morphed photographs do appear realistic. To obtain these results, the dorsal hump must be shaved down, a small amount of cephalic trim removed from the nasal tip cartilages, and osteotomy’s placed in the nasal bones to narrow them. You may also need spreader graphs to prevent the upper lateral cartilages from collapsing inward. Very important to release the depressor septi ligament which dynamically pulls the tip down when smiling. Rhinoplasty is a very difficult endeavor, so it’s important to choose your plastic surgeon wisely based on extensive experience.

Question: Spreader grafts for valve collapse?
Answer: Spreader grafts widen the mid vault of the nose when there is a inverted upper lateral cartilages in the mid portion. They help prevent the hourglass affect. It does not raise the bridge or make the nose larger.

Question: Would I be a good candidate for a chin implant?
Answer: The Side profile photograph demonstrates a recessive chin profile, and a chin implant would be beneficial. The digitally altered photographs do appear realistic. In our practice, Chin implants are placed through a submental incision under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. We have used Implantech brand of solid silicone chin implants for over 25 years with an excellent success rate.

Question: Can my nasal tip be corrected for better symmetry?
Answer: From the photos presented, there appears to be a very crooked nose including the nasal tip. Osteotomy’s placed in the nasal bone to accomplish straightening the bridge line. Spreader graft placement accomplishes improvement on the concave side to make the midportion of the nose more symmetrical. The columella and tip can be improved, but it may not be completely perfect.

Question: How much would a rhinoplasty be for a very small hump on my nose?
Answer: The photographs demonstrate an overly projecting nose with a dorsal hump, and wide nasal bones and inverted upper lateral cartilages in the midportion of the nose. A full and closed rhinoplasty is going to be required. The price of rhinoplasty includes the operating room, surgeon’s fees, and the anesthesiologist fee. For more information and our current price list, please see link below.

Question: How soon after a neck lift can I schedule a brow lift with forehead contouring?
Answer: It would be helpful if you posted a full set of facial photographs from all angles to make sure your candidate for two different surgical procedures. If you’re undergoing both procedures under general anesthesia, probably best wait at least one month.

Question: How long does it take the depressor septi muscle to heal if it was cut?
Answer: In our practice, we only release the depressor septi ligament as part of rhinoplasty procedure. Healing on rhinoplasty is one year, and the upper lip into go back to normal functioning in a month.

Question: Am I a good canadate for tip plasty?
Answer: Due to your anatomy, and do not appear to be a good candidate for performing only a tip-plasty. You have very thick skin in the tip of your nose, which is just the opposite of the model pictures you presented. Digital computer imaging of your nose but also be helpful. You will Need to have reasonable expectations regarding your tip due to the thick-skin present.

Question: Is it safe to have a rhinoplasty done years after tear trough implants? 
Answer: Performing a rhinoplasty should not affect your teardrop implants one bit. It is totally safe to go the procedure. Very important to pick your rhinoplasty specialist widely based on extensive experience.

Question: What can I achieve with a rhinoplasty? Would I benefit from deprojection?
Answer: The reason that you’re seeing two different profiles, is because you’re right nasal bone is higher than your left creating a lot of asymmetry in the bridge line. A closed rhinoplasty approach can accomplish Not only shaving down your dorsal hump, but refinement of the nasal tip, and reducing the hanging columella, and narrowing the bridge line with all the incisions placed on the inside of the nose. No external incisions are required, and no painful packing his required either. Digital computer from different angles would also be helpful to understand what can be accomplished with your nose upon your facial features.

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